The Aqua Mix Seminar Part 1: Sealers, Cleaners, & Problem Solvers

Ryan outside of the Queen Mary
Me, standing outside of the Queen Mary, where attendees stayed during the two-day seminar.

Ryan Firey, Tile & Installation Associate

Earlier this month I took a trip down to Southern California to attend Custom Building Product's Aqua Mix training seminar.


I met Aqua Mix's research and development team, learned about their complete product line, and was trained by experts in tile, stone, and grout care and maintenance.


In this post, I cover some of the basics of their many different products.


At the seminar, the professionals at Aqua Mix went into great detail about which sealers to use on which products. They addressed many common misconceptions about sealers and stressed the limitations of sealers.

Did you know that...

Sealers DO NOT

  • Make your natural stone "stain proof"
  • Allow you to use any cleaner you want on your stone
  • Make your stone scratch-proof
  • Last forever
  • Change the freeze/thaw characteristics of a stone

Sealers DO

  • Give you more time to clean up spills before they cause stains; allows for a certain degree of stain-resistance
  • Act as a grout release, making it easier to clean up grout residue and haze after grouting sealed tiles
  • Prolong the life of your stone
  • Promote good hygiene by not harboring bacteria
  • Act as a water repellant


Aqua Mix's line of cleaners for tile and stone
The Aqua Mix cleaner family

For convenience’s sake, most of us will just pick up a bottle of a regular, household cleaner off the grocery store shelf and use it to clean stone counters, floors, and walls. But these products can damage your natural stone for life!


For example, I had the opportunity to see firsthand what kind of damage a cleaner like CLR can do to natural stone. CLR is a calcium, limescale, and rust remover, and if you decide to use it on a calcium-based stone (such as travertine, marble, or limestone), you will ruin the stone. The stone sample that I was shown was eroded and damaged beyond repair and the tiles that were “cleaned” with the CLR had to be completely removed and replaced. This is just one of many examples where off-the-shelf cleaners ruined a several thousand dollar natural stone installation.


In addition to damaging stone, many cleaners can wear away your sealer, reducing it's lifespan. Most common household cleaners are not designed to work in conjunction with stone sealers.


Please take the time to purchase the cleaners and problem solvers specifically designed for your stone. Installing beautiful natural stone is an investment in your home, and we have affordable and effective cleaners that will not erode your sealer or damage your investment.

Problem Solvers

Santa Cecilia granite countertop with a large grease stain
It's extremely difficult to remove a grease stain from natural stone (like this granite) without doing irreparable damage to the stone. Fortunately, we have products designed specifically for this problem!

Along with cleaners, we have a full line of problem solvers. These products are manufactured to solve specific stone and tile problems.


Whatever your situation, chances are that Aqua Mix has a problem solver for you! We have products that will lift grease stains out of granites, and even prevent efflorescence from occurring in cement-based grout. They can remove stubborn epoxy grout haze, old sealers and coatings, rust stains, or soot and smoke build-up – all without damaging your tile or stone!

All Tile Lines employees have been trained with deep product knowledge. We won’t sell you a product that could damage your stone, tile, grout, or sealer, and we’re able to recommend the best solution for your specific situation.


Keep an eye out for my next Aqua Mix post!

As a company, we at Tile Lines pride ourselves on having the best know-how when it comes to anything tile-related. We are constantly working to expand our knowledge and keep up with the latest products and practices in the tile world.

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