The Aqua Mix Seminar Part 2: Grout Colorants

Grout Colorant Bottle

Ryan D. Firey, Tile & Installation Consultant

Last November I took a trip down to California to learn more about Aqua Mix tile, stone, and grout care and maintenance products.


At this training seminar I gained a new respect for grout colorants. The colorants are available in 24 standard colors, with the option to order custom colors. The colorants do more than just change the color of your grout; they add an epoxy coating that will seal your grout for up to five years.


Grout colorants are easy to apply and are an inexpensive way to spruce up your existing tile installations. Our Aqua mix grout colorants can be applied over any type of grout, even epoxy. Additionally, they’re potent enough to turn a jet black grout into bright white!

How to Refresh and Recolor Your Grout

How to Use Grout Colorants

Using grout colorants is a very simple process.




First you want to pre-treat the existing grout with a thorough cleaning. For grout between acid-sensitive stones (like marble, travertine, or limestone) use Aqua Mix’s Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner.


If you’re working with a cement-based grout you can clean your grout using either the Pre-treat Colorant Cleaner or the Phosphoric Acid Substitute by Aqua Mix.


If you’re applying the colorant over epoxy grout, use the Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover.


After the grout has been scrubbed clean, let it dry for 1-3 hours. Once the grout has fully dried, you can start applying the colorant.




Shake the bottle well and open the application tip, then squeeze a liberal bead of the colorant directly on to the existing grout joints.


While the colorant is still wet take the applicator and gently brush the bead of colorant into the grout joints, until you can no longer see the original grout color.


  • A good tip that I learned is to cut the bristles on your applicator brush to the same width of your grout joints. The applicator brush has a ½” wide head that can be trimmed down to an eighth or a sixteenth of an inch wide, making the application easier and less wasteful.


After the grout joints have been completely covered by the colorant you want to let them sit for 1 hour.


After waiting an hour, mist the grout joints with clean water and gently scrub the excess colorant off with a nylon scrub pad.


  • If you are trying to go from a dark color to a light color, you have to apply more than one coat. It is recommended that you allow at least two hours of drying time in between coats.


Grout colorants are a quick and inexpensive way to completely rejuvenate your existing tile projects. Let us know if you want to tackle your own colorant project!

Read the Technical Data Sheet for Aqua Mix Grout Colorants

UPDATE: April 2017, Miracle Grout Pens

We're now stocking Grout Pens by Miracle! Available in white (in stock), gray and buff (special order, 1-2 weeks out). 


PROS: an easier and cleaner application process compared to the grout colorants.


CONS: only three colors, compared to the 20+ colors in the Aqua Mix colorants line.


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