3D Textured Tiles

Bathroom with a large white soaking tub and wood floors. Behind the tub is a wall of large white Calacatta marble carved, wavy 3D tiles.

You could say it's the wave of the future: textured, 3D porcelain and ceramic or glass tiles represent a hot trend in tile. A rippling wave effect echoes organic elements such as waterfalls or striated rock formations in a sleek, contemporary fashion. 

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Most of the large format 3D tiles are monochromatic; available in a simple white, gray, cream, and occasionally black. 


Carved natural stone and man-made tiles that mimic the look of travertine or limestone have a natural, neutral color palette of creams, grays, beiges, and taupes.


There are metallic options, but they're uncommon and usually more expensive.


Smaller 3D glazed ceramic tiles are available in every color of the rainbow


3D glass tiles are also available in a multitude of colors and finishes, including iridescent.


Curves and straight lines, fun geometry or soothing organic shapes, these tiles come in dozens of designs. Whatever the effect you're looking for, there's a 3D tile for you.

Organic Curves

A soft wave looks watery in a bathroom. An embossed rose design adds chic whimsy to your walls. Organic designs mimic nature for a refreshing break from right angles.

Classical Design

A timeless diamond design or a intricate, princely pattern can evoke past eras in a contemporary design. 

Mod Geometry

Squares, ovals, circles, hexagons, and lines can be blended to create a groovy design or used sparingly for a clean, striking look.


The majority of 3D textured tile lines come in large format tiles, usually 12x24". This allows for few grout lines and a clean look. 


Some tiles are as large as 16x48" for maximum wall coverage.


Most glass and ceramic tiles are smaller, such as 6x6" or 4x12". More grout lines, but more color options as well.


Since these tiles are intended as decorative accents, they're more expensive than most regular porcelain or ceramic tiles, but they are less expensive than the majority of glass mosaics and other decorative tile options. Most range from $5 to $15 per square foot, however some designer lines, including hand-carved limestone and marble tiles, are above $50 per square foot.


Glass and metallic tiles tend to be the most expensive, usually $50-$100/sqft. They are often made-to-order, so expect a 4-8 week lead time.

Where to Use Them

Whether using them on a shower wall, kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, or feature wall, these 3D textured tiles provide modern style and sophistication with their drama and depth.


Due to the dramatic relief patterns, the majority of these tiles are for wall use only, but some are durable enough for a floor installation. Ask your tile salesperson before ordering tile for your floor or outside areas.


Some patterns are easier to clean than others, so before picking a 3D tile for your kitchen backsplash, shower, or around a wood-burning fireplace, run your hand across the tile. A simple touch test is the best way to tell how easy it will be to wipe grease, food splatters, soap scum, or soot off of the tile.


You can also ask for a small sample of the tile before you buy it and do a cleaning test.

  1. Put some oil or grease (if considering for a kitchen), shampoo (for a shower), or soot (for a wood-burning fireplace) on your sample
  2. Let dry, then try cleaning it. Start with warm water, mild detergent, and a cloth. Work your way to stronger cleaners if that doesn't work, using any non-abrasive cleaner (avoid kitchen sponges with abrasive green sides)
  3. If you were happy with how little effort it took to get clean, get that tile!

Glass is non-porous and porcelains and ceramics usually have a non-porous glaze so stains and grime can't sink in and stain... but you might get residue stuck in the texture of the tile. If you have a hard time cleaning a small sample, then a whole wall will be out of the question. That said, most people are surprised by how easy these tiles are to clean.


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Stacked stone panels, also known as ledger stone, are a great way to introduce natural color and texture. Whether you have a rustic cabin or a modern home, this is a timeless design choice.

Love the idea of 3D tiles, but not sure how to integrate them into your design? Not sure if it's right for your room? Worried about cleanability? 


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