Advice Time 1: Sealing Glass and Marble, No Residue

Customer Question

I want to seal a backsplash I recently installed.  The marble tiles and sandless grout in the backsplash need to be sealed. What do you recommend I purchase?  I do not want residue on the glass after.

The Tile Lines Answer

You'd want a penetrating sealer for a deep, long-lasting seal. We recommend Miracle 511 Impregnator or 511 Porous Plus.


It will be very difficult to get the sealer on just the marble and grout and avoid the glass, so my advice is this:


Don't try to avoid the glass. Seal everything. After 1-2 coats, once it's had time to dry (2-4 hours should be plenty of time), if you see any residue on the glass, it easily buffs off with a clean microfiber cloth, old t-shirt, or paper towel. The sealer will have sunk into the pores of the marble and grout, but it won't harm the glass. 


Whatever sealer you get, make sure it's a penetrating sealer, not a topical sealer. If you don't want to change the appearance of your grout and marble, make sure the sealer is not an "enhancing" sealer. And of course, follow the application instructions on the bottle. 


Katy Helbling

Tile Lines Sales & Design Consultant

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