Advice Time 3: Sealing Grout between Stainless Steel Tiles

Customer Question

I have new stainless tiles in my kitchen backsplash. I need to seal the grout now, but I'm concerned about how to do so without damaging the stainless tiles. Any tips?


The Tile Lines Answer

Most grout sealers will not harm stainless steel tiles. I recommend a penetrating sealer, such as Miracle's 511 Impregnator, 511 Porous Plus, or Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold. 


Once the sealer is applied according to the directions and dry, there may be some residue on the stainless steel. This can be buffed off with a dry microfiber cloth or old t-shirt. 


Don't use anything on stainless steel that could scratch it, such as abrasive sponges.