Bathroom Accessories & Storage Solutions

Recessed shower shelf with a bar of soap and the words, "Don't forget about storage!"

So you've chosen the tile for your new shower, but have you given any thought to storage? Where are you going to put your soap and shampoo bottles? How can you reduce clutter on the floor of your shower stall?


Fortunately, we have dozens of shelving options for shower installations in numerous finishes, shapes, and sizes.

Pre-made Storage Solutions

Ceramic and cast stone corner shelves and soap dishes.

Glazed Ceramic Shelves, Soap Dishes, & More

These ceramic shelves and soap dishes are a perfect fit for a shower with ceramic tiles, or if you want to incorporate the color your bathtub into your tub surround. They are available in a variety of colors and both matte and glossy finishes.


Also in the same ceramic product line: matching toilet paper holders and towel racks. If you're creating a tiled wall or wainscoting and want to tie the whole room together, these are a great option.

Cast Stone Shelves, Soap Dishes, & More

We carry two lines of resin soap dishes, corner shelves, toilet paper holders, and towel racks that are designed to look like natural stone. One of these lines matches our stone-look switchplates and outlet covers for a uniform, beautiful stone bathroom.

Metal Baskets, Towel Hooks, Grab Bars, & Foot Props

Metal shelves in a shower

TileWare metal shelves are available in three popular finishes: brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.


This sturdy wall-mounted system will not rust and can support far more weight than cheap suction cup-backed shower shelves and hanging baskets.

Tileable Benches, Shelves, & Recessed Niches

Grey shower
This shower has two recessed niches and a corner bench.

Years ago, if you wanted a shelving option that blended in with your wall tiles, you would have to spend the extra time to frame out a shelf, calculate the proper slope, worry about structural integrity, and waterproof it before tiling. But we have easier options!


We carry select lines of quality preformed benches and shelves that are easy to install, strong, and long-lasting. Cover them in your shower wall tile for a consistent, cohesive look, and enjoy the extra storage space.

Sturdy Aluminum Corner Shelves & Benches

Corner Bench

These durable benches will not rust or warp. They are available in three triangular sizes and one adjustable-length rectangular size.


Installation is easy: simply screw your bench or shelf to your wall studs for stability, pack it full of dry mud set, and tile directly on top of the bench.

Recessed Niches: A Space Saving Option

Recessed shower shelf

If you have a small shower where square footage is limited or you don’t like the look of intrusive corner shelves, why not install a recessed niche? They’re easy to install and made from either watertight plastic or Wedi, Kerdi, or HydroBlok.

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