Get Perfectly Level Floors With Tuscan Seam Clips

Why do you need a floor leveling system? Uneven tiles are vulnerable to chipping and could cause people to trip or cut their feet. Tile lippage is both dangerous and ugly!

A Quick and Easy Way to Have Smooth Tile Floors

We love the Tuscan Seam Clips by Pearl Abrasive. They’re one of the fastest and simplest ways to get perfectly flush tiles with no lippage.

Step 1: Mix your thinset a little wetter than you normally would.

Step 2: Slide the flat bottom of the seam clip under two adjoining tiles.

Step 3: Pinch the wings in, pushing the tiles together.

Step 4: Allow your thinset to set up for the recommended amount of time until the surface is safe for foot traffic.

Step 5: Kick, hit, or snap off the top part of the clip. Toss the plastic clips in the recycling bin.

Step 6: Proceed with grouting as usual and enjoy the smooth surface of your tile installation!

Use Tuscan Seam Clips Everywhere!

Perfectly smooth grout lines, flush tiles with no lippage, a flat floor or wall surface with a mirror-like sheen... it used to take a lot of technique and practice to achieve a flawless tile surface. With Tuscan Seam Clips, you can have beautiful results whether you’re a tile professional, contractor, or DIY weekend warrior.

If you have glossy granite tiles on a countertop, polished wall tiles in a shower, or large tiles on a floor, a handful of Tuscan Seam Clips can minimize the amount of time you spend adjusting and re-adjusting your tiles and leave you with a flat, smooth, perfectly even surface.

Three Sizes for Different Tile Thicknesses, and Spacers

We stock five seam clip styles in our Kent showroom. Pick up a box for your next tile project and see the difference!

White Seam Clips: for tiles 1/8" thick to less than 1/4" thick

Blue Seam Clips: for tiles 1/4" thick to less than 3/8" thick

Orange Seam Clips: for 3/8"-1/2" thick tiles, includes built-in spacers for 1/16" grout lines

Green Seam Clips: for 3/8"-1/2" thick tiles, includes built-in spacers for 1/8" grout lines

Purple Seam Clips: for 3/8"-1/2" thick tiles, includes built-in spacers for 3/16" grout lines