Cement Tiles by Casa Vita Bella

We are now selling a line of cement tiles! These 5/8" thick, 8"x8" tiles are made in America yet have a timeless European look. With dozens of styles to choose from, ranging from geometric to floral, and the option for made-to-order custom color combinations, you can find a unique style that's perfect for you!

How are they made?

From the Casa Vita Bella Website:

Colors are precisely mixed according to the color codes and the new design. The template for the tile design is made carefully with metal bands. Colors are poured in carefully to designated locations in the tile’s design.


The dye sits for a few minutes, the mold is removed, the colors stay in place. Cement is poured over the colors, it’s then compressed by a hydraulic machine.


The tiles then cure for a few days before they are carefully packaged and palletized. They are then shipped internationally for commercial and residential installations.

Where can I use cement tiles?

Blue and white hexagon tiles used on floors and walls.
Hexagon cement tiles used on both the floor and wall gives this room a cool beehive aesthetic.

Interior use only; cement tiles are too porous to be used outside in Washington where freeze/thaw can cause them to crack.


Cement tiles are most commonly used on floors, where their durable embedded color won't show signs of wear over time.


Despite their thickness and weight, cement tiles can be used on walls. Select a thinset designed for large-format porcelain tiles; it will have extra adhesive properties and will mitigate slumping. 


Why choose cement tiles for my installation?

Navy blue and white cement tile floor.

Use cement tiles because you like the colors and patterning that you can only get with cement tiles. 


The cement tile look is a distinctive visual element. They are at once both timeless and unique. It works well within several design styles: Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Italian Villa, French Countryside, etc.


Unlike glazed look-a-like porcelain tiles, the colors and patterns of the cement are not printed on the surface on the tile. The colors and patterns extend 1/8" into the tile, so they are very difficult to wear down or chip off.

Do I need to grout cement tiles?

Grout Release by AquaMix

Yes, you need to grout your cement tiles. We recommend a 1/16” or 1/8” grout line with a color that matches the background color of your tiles.


We recommend a color-stable cement-based grout such as Prism by Custom Building Products. We stock most colors daily.


Pre-seal your tiles and use a grout release when grouting so the grout will not stick to or discolor the porous surface of the concrete tiles. We recommend AquaMix's Grout Release (stocked daily).

Do I need to seal cement tiles?

Bottle of Sealer's Choice Gold penetrating sealer by AquaMix

Yes, cement tiles need to be sealed with a penetrating sealer.


We recommend Sealer's Choice Gold by AquaMix for long-lasting protection that won't discolor your cement tiles. Apply the sealer according to manufacturer recommendations before grouting.


If the tiles are used in a commercial location there is also a wax that can be applied that adds an additional measure of protection. This changes the natural sheen of the tiles  to a somewhat glossy finish.


If you are using a grout that needs to be sealed (cement-based grout):

  1. Seal your tiles before grouting
  2. Apply grout
  3. Let grout dry/cure for three days
  4. Apply another coat of sealer to the entire installation: both tile and grout.

If you do not seal your tiles before grouting, the grout will stick to and possibly discolor your cement tiles. Pre-sealing makes the grout installation an easier process.

How do you clean cement tiles?

Spray bottle of AquaKleen by AquaMix

Use a pH neutral cleaner on your cement tiles. We recommend Aqua Kleen by Aqua Mix or Concentrated Tile & Stone Cleaner. These cleaners are specifically designed to remove dirt and grime without stripping the sealer. 


Visit our Grout maintenance page for details on cleaning the grout between your tiles.

How much do cement tiles cost?

The Casa Vita Bella cement tiles are appx. $20 per square foot. If you're looking for a less expensive alternative, there are several glazed porcelain or ceramic lines that have a similar look for $7-$10 per square foot.


Glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles don't need a sealer, but the pattern is only on the top and the tile will need to be replaced if chipped.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles with a Cement Tile Look

Finish your edges with Schluter Trim!

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Many Schluter edge profiles are available in larger sizes to cover the exposed edge of your concrete tiles. They are available in several colors to match the colors in your concrete tiles.

Check out this idea book to see cement tiles in action!

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