Cleaning & Maintaining Your Tile, Grout, & Countertops

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your tile and stone products is essential to keep your home looking as good ten years from now as the day you remodeled. Check out the specific product pages below to learn the best way to maintain your tile, grout, and countertops!

Cleaning & Maintaining Tile

If you have porcelain, ceramic, or glass tiles or mosaics, learn how to clean and protect them on our Tile Maintenance page.

Cleaning & Maintaining Natural Stone

If you have marble, onyx, limestone, travertine, granite, slate, or quartzite, learn how to keep your natural stone in pristine condition on our Stone Maintenance page.

Cleaning & Maintaining Grout

With almost every tile installation, you need grout. Learn how to care for and clean up after the different grout types on our Grout Maintenance page.

Sealers for Porous Tile, Stone, and Grout

If you have a porous material such as natural stone, crackle glass, or cement-based grout, we recommend sealing it to protect it from staining and bacterial build-up.


To see a list of sealers and their pros and cons, and to learn how to apply sealer, visit our Sealer page.

Cleaning Products for Tile, Stone, and Grout

Want an everyday cleaner for your granite? Stain on your travertine floor? Have dirty grout? We have the cleaning supplies you need for daily care and maintenance of your products.


To see our list of recommended products for your specific materials, visit our Cleaning Products page.

Problem Solvers for Stained and Damaged Spaces

If you have a really bad stain or damaged materials that regular cleaning products just won’t fix, these are the heavy duty problem-solving products that we recommend.