Cleaning Products for Tile, Stone, & Grout

General Purpose Cleaner

32 oz Spray Bottle of Miracle Brand Clean and Reseal

Miracle 511 Kleen & Reseal

  • A daily cleaner for tile, stone, and grout on floors, walls, or countertops
  • Will not harm or strip sealers
  • Adds a little bit of sealer with each cleaning, increasing the lifespan of the sealer

Extra Strength Cleaners

One quart of Miracle Brand Concentrated Tile and Stone Cleaner

Concentrated Tile & Stone Cleaner 

  • PH-neutral cleaner for stone, tile, and grout
  • Non-toxic, Low VOCs, No Odor
  • Concentrated cleaner: one quart covers up to 2,500 sqft when mixed with water
  • Ideal for households with several hundred square feet of natural stone, or with heavy dirt build up

Grout Cleaners and Grout Haze Removers


Blaze Urethane Grout Haze & General Purpose Cleaner

  • Effectively removes urethane grout haze
  • Excellent general purpose tile cleaner
  • Compatible with all tile surfaces

My tile's still not clean!

If your tile, stone, or grout is damaged or stained to the extent that regular cleaners won't work, you may need one of our Problem Solvers to do the trick.

We also recommend...

White Doodlebug scrubbie

A non-abrasive white scrub pad will scrub and clean your products without scratching. Ordinary kitchen sponges won't cut it: they harbor bacteria, they have a soft side that's not very aggressive, and an abrasive side that could scratch ceramic tiles, glass, metal, or natural stone.

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