Schluter Ditra, Ditra XL & Ditra Heat

What is Schluter Ditra?

Schluter Ditra is a German-made, lightweight, waterproof, uncoupling underlayment. Perfect for absorbing movement and blocking moisture, Ditra is a great option for basement floors, concrete substrates, and outside spaces. 


So whether you're tiling a patio, a deck, a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom, or a laundry room, the Schluter Ditra products are the perfect choice for a solid underlayment that keeps moisture issues at bay.

What's the difference between Ditra and Ditra XL?

We stock Ditra, Ditra XL, and DitraHeat in our Kent store. If you're in Renton, Auburn, Federal Way, Covington, or Maple Valley, swing by to see a physical sample!

Ditra is 1/8" thick, and can be installed on single layer plywood or OSB subfloors that are over joists spaced up to 19.2" on center. Most common tile floor underlayments are 1/4" thick, so Ditra is a great alternative if a shorter underlayment is needed.


Ditra XL is 5/16" thick, and can be installed on single layer plywood or OSB subfloors that are over joists spaced up to 24" on center. Ditra XL is ideal for installations requiring greater movement accommodation, such as applications using natural stone tiles or large format tiles.


Both can be installed over plywood or OSB, over concrete, and over in-floor heat systems.

Ditra and Ditra XL Price Sheet
Includes price per square foot and price per roll.
Ditra and Ditra XL Pricing.pdf
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Ditra Heat: All-in-one underlayment & in-floor heat

Ditra Heat is the hot new product from Schluter Systems. 

  • Easy: Simply thinset down the Ditra Heat mats, snap the cables into place, and tile on top. 
  • Quick: Instead of waiting for layers of thinset and self-leveller to dry, you can install your underlayment (Ditra Heat mats), heat system, and tile ALL in just ONE DAY!
  • Lightweight: No heavy cement boards.
  • Thin: Your Ditra Heat and wire cables are only an 1/8" thick, while a traditional 1/4" cementboard + an 1/8" heat cable creates a thick sandwich of materials under your tile that could make your floors much taller than the adjoining carpet or wood floors.
  • Waterproof: Instead of painting on a waterproof coating, adding yet another layer to your floor, simply use Schluter Kerdi Band to cover any seams or cuts for a waterproof underlayment.

Visit our In Floor Heat System page for more information about this and other kits!

Ditra Heat Price Sheet
Includes pricing for the Ditra heat mats, the various cable sizes, and the thermostats.
Ditra Heat Full Price List.pdf
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Get the right thinset!

50lb Bag of Schluter All Set Gray

Schluter specifically calls for unmodified thinset for the installation of Schluter Kerdi. Most big box stores only carry modified thinsets, which won't cure properly when used to install Kerdi. 


In 2017, Schluter introduced their own line of specially-designed thinsets, including Schluter All Set, a strong modified thinset approved for use with Schluter's waterproof systems. 


Make sure you use either UNMODIFIED thinset or SCHLUTER ALL SET for your installation as specified by Schluter Systems or your installation may fail and Schluter will not honor any warranties. 


We stock Schluter All Set in white every day in our store.

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