Schluter Trim & Edge Metal Profiles

These German-made metal strips are used as transition strips, for finishing edges, and as decorative borders. With a variety of profiles; different heights for different sized tiles; and finishes ranging from brushed nickel to antique bronze to black, white, grey, or beige; there's a Schluter profile for every installation!

Transitions between Different Floor Types

Schluter edge metal's primary use is to serve as a clean, definitive transition between tile and other floors. They're available in many different colors, including brushed nickel, antique bronze, brass, and stainless steel.


When the edge of tile is left exposed next to carpet, or if it is taller than the adjacent flooring, it's easy to kick and chip the tile. Metal edging protects the your tile from this damage.


There are several Schluter designs that are meant to provide a transition between a tile floor and a floor of a different height. You can also use Schluter for aesthetic purposes, creating a line between two spaces that sits flush with the floor's surface. 

Finished Edges for Countertops, Showers, and Walls

Satin Aluminum Schluter Rondec is used to finish off the edge of a countertop
Satin Aluminum Schluter Rondec is used to finish off the edge of a countertop

Schluter edge metal is ideal for tile and stone lines that don't have a bullnose option, or if you want a thinner, sleeker edge detail. 


For showers, the 8-foot sticks of edge metal allow you to have a clean, continuous floor-to-ceiling line that caps the unfinished edge of your tile and completes your installation.


Edge trim is a great way to finish the edges of backsplashes for a more polished look.

Backsplash with edge trim

Glass tile backsplash with a satin nickel Schluter metal edge trim

Backsplash with no edge trim

Glass backsplash with no edge trim

Decorative Metal Liners and Borders

Travertine tile and mosaic border with a Schluter edge metal liner
This Tuscan Bronze Schluter Quadec creates a strong transition between the light travertine tile and colorful travertine border.

Why not have edge metal that is both functional and stylish? With Schluter's wide range of finishes and profile shapes, you can incorporate the edge metal into your design for strong lines or subtle accents.


Schluter's edge metal is usually less expensive per linear foot than other metallic pencil liners or travertine borders; and since it comes in eight-foot lengths, you have far fewer grout joints to worry about.

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