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Living room with gray walls and white trim. A gray armchair sits in front of a fireplace with linear taupe tile.

What materials can I use on a fireplace?

Close up of blue porcelain mosaics on a fireplace with a dark wood mantel

You can use almost any material on fireplaces! You aren't limited by durability as with a floor or by water-friendliness as with a shower. From glass and porcelain to splitface travertine and mosaics, the face of your fireplace is only limited by your imagination.


The most popular materials for fireplaces are slate and mosaics, due to their colorful and eye-catching nature. You can also consider colorful ceramics, patterned porcelains, metallic mosaics and other accent tiles as possible options.

Should I worry about heat resistance?

Fireplace with linear stainless steel mosaics. Three dark red vases sit on top of the fireplace. A tall, dark metallic planter is in front of the fireplace.

Most tile materials, including many natural stone tiles, porcelain, and glass, were formed in temperatures over ten times hotter than the average fireplace will ever get.


The only material that may not be suitable for the heat of a fireplace are stainless steel tiles. Stainless steel tiles are thin sheets of stainless steel capping a ceramic, cement board, or cork backing. The adhesive of certain stainless steel tiles have been known to fail when exposed to heat above room temperature, causing the stainless steel cap to fall off of its backing. 


Some other metallic tiles, such as copper mosaics, are also made of thin caps of metal glued to a backing material, and can also fail when exposed to heat. Look at the side of your metallic tiles and mosaics to see whether they are glued-on caps or solid pieces. Check with your tile supplier if you are considering a specific metallic tile products to see if they would be suitable for a fireplace surround. 


Also consider: a properly designed fireplace should project the heat out into the room, and not let it seep out to the sides. The fireplace face tiles shouldn't be exposed to a lot of direct heat if the firebox is in good working condition.


If you're looking for tiles for inside a fireplace or pizza oven, speak with a Tile Lines employee about the specific details of your project and we'll help you find the right products.

Inspiration Gallery: Fireplace Design Ideas

We sell all of the tile shown in the pictures on this page, so if you see something you love, let us know! You can also set up a free design appointment with one of our designers to pick the perfect fireplace tile and design. 253-872-0449 or

Simple and Clean for a Modern Aesthetic

Large porcelain or stone tiles with few details or frills for a clean, contemporary look. A monochromatic, neutral pallet for a serene, relaxing space. A fireplace doesn't need a lot of fuss to look its best.

Classic Stacked Stone for Texture and Depth

Stacked stone works in anything from rustic lodges and modern designs. This has long been a popular choice for fireplaces, bringing a natural element rich in texture to your living room. 


Visit our slate page for more information on slate or quartzite. 

Vibrant, Colorful Fireplaces for a Fun Focal Point

Feeling adventurous? The fireplace is a great area to introduce some color. Whether you choose a glass mosaic blend of different colors or a solid ceramic subway tile, colorful tiles always makes a statement.


Check out our blog post on bold and colorful tiles for more inspiration!

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