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This fireplace image gallery features a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and designs. Click through and get inspired for your fireplace project!

What materials can I use on a fireplace?

Blue porcelain mosaics on a fireplace

You can use almost any material on fireplaces! You aren't limited by durability as with a floor or by water-friendliness as with a shower. From glass and porcelain to splitface travertine and mosaics, the face of your fireplace is only limited by your imagination.


The most popular materials for fireplaces are slate and mosaics, due to their colorful and eye-catching nature. You can also consider colorful ceramics, patterned porcelains, metallic mosaics and other accent tiles as possible options.

Should I worry about heat resistance?

Most tile materials, including many natural stone tiles, porcelain, and glass, were formed in temperatures over ten times hotter than the average fireplace will ever get.


The only material that may not be suitable for the heat of a fireplace are stainless steel tiles. Stainless steel tiles are thin sheets of stainless steel capping a ceramic, cement board, or cork backing. The adhesive of certain stainless steel tiles have been known to fail when exposed to heat above room temperature, causing the stainless steel cap to fall off of its backing. Check with the manufacturer if you are considering a specific stainless steel tile product to see if it would be suitable for a fireplace surround.

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