Sparkly Glass Grout

Purple and Red Agate slices with beige limestone tiles and sparkly amber grout
Dimensions urethane grout in Amber adds extra sparkle and light to this backsplash
Bucket of Dimensions Grout for Glass and Tile: sparkle, glitter, dazzle, and shine

The next generation of grout is here, and it's colored glass beads suspended in a urethane or acrylic binder. 


A pre-mixed grout that never needs sealing, Dimensions urethane grout, Mapei Flexcolor 3D acrylic grout, and Fusion Pro Designer grout are highly flexible and stain-resistant, and have a unique translucent and sparkly quality that breathes life into your installation. 

These glass grouts has several color options. They costs more than cement-based or epoxy grout, but makes up for it with unmatched color-consistency, flexibility, stain resistance, beauty, and ease of installation.


+ Color Consistency: From one bucket to the next, your color will be exactly the same!


+ Unique Look: Translucency and sparkle that looks beautiful in glass and mosaic installations.

+ Crack-Resistant Flexibility: You can put these premixed grouts in grout joints up to 1/2" wide.

+ Quick Install: Save for clean up, this is a one step installation process. No need to come back and seal later.

+ Long Life in-Bucket: You can open a bucket, use some grout, close the bucket, and then use your grout again up to two years later!

+ Green Product: If you're building a LEED certified house, this is the grout for you! 60% recycled glass, eco-friendly formulation.


- Price: Urethane grout is one of the most expensive grouts on the market today.


- Sloppiness: Urethane grout is a little difficult to work with on vertical surfaces.


- Haze: Approximately one in seven people installing this grout need the urethane grout haze remover after installation.

How do I install this magical, pre-mixed, sparkly grout?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-mixed Grout

What is the texture of these grouts? Will they scratch glass?

These glittering grouts have tiny recycled glass beads suspended in a urethane or acrylic compound. It has a slight grainy texture, but is specifically designed for glass, marble, and other delicate tiles and won't scratch your materials. 

Do they grout have color-matching caulk? Do I need to caulk with urethane or acrylic grout?

We recommend caulking all corners such as wall to tub, wall to wall, wall to countertop, etc. For outside applications or for installations where you need an expansion joint, the manufacturer recommends using caulking in conjunction with the grout.


The manufacturers do not produce a color-matching caulking for these grout. We recommend a 100% silicone clear caulking to not distract from the clarity or color of the grout.

What about urethane grout haze? How do I clean up the haze?

To reduce the amount of haze left over after your project, dampen the surface of the tile before installing the grout. Work in small, ten square foot sections: grout the area and then clean up with a sponge and water before moving on to the next section. Change your water every 30-50 square feet to reduce the spread of residue.


Only about one in seven of our customers see any haze after using the urethane grout. If you see haze within 72 hours of installation, use Blaze Urethane Grout Haze Cleaner.


For acrylic grout, try buffing it off with a dry cloth. If the residue remains, use Miracle Heavy Duty Cleaner (Acid Substitute).

Grout Coverage

This grout is available in 1 gallon buckets or 2 gallon buckets.


Use the official Bostik grout calculator to estimate how much grout you'll need! Round up; the grout calculator doesn't account for spills or mistakes, and it's always better to have a little too much instead of running out.

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