Glass Tiles & Mosaics

A close-up of decorative glass liners
A close-up of decorative glass liners

Glass tiles and mosaics are a great way to add color, interest, and flair to your installation. From large 12x24" glass tiles to tiny ⅝x⅝” mesh-mounted glass and stone mosaic blends, we have a wide range of glass options ideal for backsplashes and shower walls, to be used as field tiles, borders, accents, and drops.

Can I use glass tiles or mosaics on the floor?

Small blue glass tiles on a floor.
The numerous grout lines provide enough texture for a safe walking surface, while the strength of the glass gives it scratch-resistance.

That depends on the type of glass you are using.


If the glass was fired at a relatively low temperature, it could be easily scratched if installed on a floor or countertop. However, several glass lines that are cast and re-cast at very high temperatures (and often made of recycled glass) are durable enough for high-traffic areas.


If the durability is good, your next concern is slip-resistance. While the many grout joints between glass mosaic tiles provide excellent friction, a smooth, shiny glass surface on a tile larger than 6x6" could pose a safety risk if installed on a floor. An acid-etched or textured surface could provide the necessary slip resistance for a glass floor tile.


If in doubt, ask us! We can find out if a specific glass line you like is suitable for your applications.

Cleaning and Maintaining Glass Tiles and Mosaics

Glass itself is very low-maintenance; you can use any cleaner you'd use on your windows on a glass tile. However, many glass tiles are set with porous grout or as part of a glass and stone mosaic blend. If the surrounding material is more susceptible to chemicals and certain cleaners than your glass is, you need to use a more gentle cleaner.


If your glass is set with a natural stone such as travertine, marble, limestone, slate, or granite, visit that stone's page to learn more about proper cleaning products and techniques.


If your glass is set with a cement-based grout, visit our cementitious grout page to learn about proper grout care and maintenance.

The Right Grout for your Glass

If your glass is in an all-glass installation or is set with a porcelain or ceramic tile, why not upgrade to a non-porous grout? QuartzLock2 urethane grout is easy to install and, when dry, is incredibly stain and mildew resistant. Urethane grout set with all glass, porcelain, or ceramic tiles creates an easy to clean, ultra low-maintenance installation.

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