Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is essentially a non-porous, stain-resistant colored glue. It's sold as separate components that are mixed together just before installation.

Spectralock, CEG-Lite, and other epoxies have unique color additives: you can make your grout pearlescent, glittery, metallic, even glow-in-the-dark!

Epoxy grouts can be difficult to clean up after installation (especially for novice tile installers), set up quickly, and will leave a rubbery residue on your tile if you're not careful. This can be cleaned off by using a specialty epoxy residue remover.


+ Stain Resistance: You will never need to seal epoxy!

+ Color Options: With several different epoxy lines to choose from, you have a wide selection of colors with fun, unique options from glow-in-the-dark to metallic.


+ Required for Installing Small Tiles and Pebbles on Wedi Pans: Wedi now requires epoxy grout and epoxy adhesive for tiles 1x1" or smaller on their pans to prevent pin-point compression.


- Tricky Application: If you aren't careful, epoxy will set up before you can clean up. You're also limited by how much time you have to work after mixing the components together.

- Tough Clean-Up: This rubbery grout is stubborn when dry.

- Fumes: Make sure you have good ventilation when using epoxy grout; epoxy chemicals are harsh and strong.

- Mixing: You have to mix the multiple components together correctly for the grout to function properly.

If you choose epoxy grout, we recommend...

Custom Building Products' CEG-Lite

& Laticrete's SpectraLock

Epoxy Grout Haze

Epoxy grout is notorious for its short working time and the stubborn, glue-like grout haze that it can leave if not cleaned quickly enough. 


If you do find epoxy residue after you've finished installing epoxy grout, we recommend Miracle's Finish Sealer Stripper to remove it.

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