High Definition Porcelain

Porcelain floor tiles that look like wood
These high definition wood look-a-like tiles have the veining, texture, and color variation of real wood floors.

High Definition Porcelain (HDP) is the result of decades of research and improvement in the appearance of man-made tile products.

The HDP tile surface glaze is digitally printed on the tiles to allow for greater variety in the colors, textures, and patterns; as well as a higher quality final look. Instead of the repetitive, grainy look of 1980's screenprinted tiles or the dotty look of ink-jet printing, the HDP designs are sprayed onto the tiles to give their patterns an edgeless, endlessly varied natural appearance.

Blue and tan porcelain tiles that look like slate.
Large format porcelain tiles designed to look like slate.

This process also increases the consistency between field tiles and edge pieces such as cove bases, bullnoses, and chair rails; which traditionally are manufactured at different times and can have dramatically different finishes.

We carry several durable HDP lines, including wood and slate look-a-likes. Stop by our store to compare these durable porcelains to the real deal!

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