Customizable Heat Registers

Woman reading a book, sitting on a white tile floor with a cup of tea. Custom tiled heat vent in the floor.
Illustration showing how to cut tiles to fit the heat vent frame and insert.

A beautiful new tile floor looks great... until an ugly metal heat register disrupts the visual harmony of the floor. The solution? A vent that blends in, sits flush, and maintains that flawless look.


The airplane-grade welded aluminum frame supports heavy foot traffic and the final installation perfectly matches the rest of your floor. A few simple cuts and you can set pieces of your floor tile into a clean metal insert, camouflaging it.


The insert can also be removed, to retrieve dropped items or clean your air ducts.

Available with and without an air damper.

Cross-section illustration of how the aluminum frame of the heat vent sits on the subfloor.
Illustration showing different ways to cut the tile to fit the frame of the heat vents.

Your tile can be cut to match the pattern or layout of the surrounding floor.


Diagonal pattern? The mitered cuts will complement your angles.


Multi-size pattern, like a Versailles or Pinwheel pattern? The segmented cuts will blend well.


Visit our pattern page for ideas on how to lay your tile.


If you have a tile with a strong print or design, consider cutting the pieces for the register so that they continue the flow or grain of the tile, like the pictures below. Turn your heat vent into a perfect chameleon that disappears into your tile for a flawless floor.

Dramatic blue, gray, and taupe polished wood-look porcelain tile floor with a tiled heat register. The pieces in the vent frame are cut to continue the pattern of the tile.
Blue, white, and grey floral-patterned cement tile cut to fit a custom floor heat vent.

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Heat Register, No Air Damper
$118.00 1 From $99.00
Heat Register with Air Damper
$144.00 1 From $124.00

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