InvisaTread Anti-Slip Coating

InvisaTread Bottle

Worried about the slip resistance of your tile? Using tile in an area that might get wet and slick? InvisaTread is the solution!


Apply this revolutionary liquid directly to the top of your floor, and it will dry without leaving any marks or affecting the finish of the tile, adding an invisible layer of friction and creating a safer walking surface.

Frequently Asked Questions about InvisaTread

Q: Where can/should I use InvisaTread?
A: We recommend using it on any floor surface where you have concerns about slip resistance. Polished marble in your entryway? Slick ceramic in your bathroom? A too-smooth patio? All would be excellent areas to add an invisable layer of slip resistance!


Q: How long does InvisaTread last?
A: InvisaTread should remain effective for as long as two years.

Q: How easy is InvisaTread to apply?
A: It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Clean area first.
  2. Apply InvisaTread with a mop or sponge, and let it set for up to 15 minutes.
  3. Clean and rinse the surface with water. Floors are ready to use!

Q: If my floor is sealed, can I still use InvisaTread?
A: Yes, it will work through most floor seals and effectively apply the "invisible tread" you need. (It may take two applications)

Q: What if there is grease on my floor?
A: No worries. Truth is, InvisaTread will actually loosen any grease on your floor and make it easier to clean.

Q: Can I wax over InvisaTread?
A: NO. By waxing over InvisaTread Anti-Slip application, you will fill in the "invisible tread" that InvisaTread has placed on your floor. A dry buff is recommended to bring out the shine.

Q: Is InvisaTread dangerous?
A: Not at all! In fact, it is safe enough to use in a child's bathtub.

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