Schluter Kerdi Shower Kits

Kerdi fabric is a bonded waterproof membrane that can be applied to any wall board for a vapor-tight installation. It conforms to any shape for custom benches, curved walls, and uniquely-shaped shower pans. With the option of pre-fabricated shower pans and a kit that includes all of the seals and components you need, Schluter Kerdi is an easy way to build a watertight shower.


Live in Alaska? We can ship a waterproofing kit to you! Click here for more information.


Read this article about a ski resort that used Kerdi products in 24 upscale units.

Create a custom how-to video for YOUR project!

We stock Schluter Kerdi shower products in our Kent showroom, just a short drive from Auburn, Renton, or Federal Way

This new online tool will take you through a series of questions to compile the relevant Schluter Shower System installation videos into one personalized playlist for your installation.


Your custom playlist can be re-visited later with the unique link created, and also can be shared out with others. This great new online tool is available in English, French, and Spanish.


Create your own customized shower installation video!

Get the right thinset!

50lb Bag of Schluter All Set Gray

Schluter specifically calls for unmodified thinset for the installation of Schluter Kerdi. Most big box stores only carry modified thinsets, which won't cure properly when used to install Kerdi. 


In 2017, Schluter introduced their own line of specially-designed thinsets, including Schluter All Set, a strong modified thinset approved for use with Schluter's waterproof systems. 


Make sure you use either UNMODIFIED thinset or SCHLUTER ALL SET for your installation as specified by Schluter Systems or your installation may fail and Schluter will not honor any warranties. 


We stock Schluter All Set in white every day in our store.

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