Clean & Durable Kitchen Floor Tiles

What tiles should I use on my kitchen floor?

Tiles with an easy-to-clean texture that's not too slippery

Rustic and earthy green, brown, blue, and rust porcelain tile that looks like slate. Stocked in Renton, WA.
If you want the look of slate in your kitchen but are worried about maintenance, consider a porcelain that looks like slate.

When choosing materials for a kitchen floor, consider how easy it will be to clean up spills and crumbs. Heavily textured slate or unfilled travertine, for example, can catch and gather food residue.


On the opposite end of the texture spectrum, a highly polished porcelain or natural stone can be slippery when wet or when wearing socks; if your flooring of choice is polished and you're concerned about slipperiness, we recommend using InvisaTread to add friction to your floor.

Low-maintenance materials that won't stain

A country-style kitchen with browns, beiges, and blues.
This all-porcelain tile floor is broken up with a border and interesting pattern.

For a very low maintenance floor, we recommend glazed porcelain tiles. You can use any household cleaner on porcelain tiles for regular maintenance. We don't recommend ceramic tiles: even floor-grade ceramic tiles are not as dense as porcelain tiles, and in a kitchen (with heavy appliances and the risk of dropped pots and pans) are more likely to be chipped.


Also take into consideration what cleaning materials you want to use. Calcium-based natural stones (such as travertine, marble, and limestone), stone sealers, and cement-based grout will be damaged by acidic or harsh cleaners (such as those with ammonia, vinegar, or citrus bases). If you want natural stone floors, invest in a stone-specific cleaner to keep them in good condition. Any cleaning material can be used on porcelain tile.

Floor Tile Layout & Design

Polished porcelain floor tile

While the countertop and backsplash tend to be the stars of a kitchen, don't be afraid to have fun with your floor installation! Consider using pattern, color, and an interesting layout to make your floor more dynamic. Visit our Pattern Idea page.


Think about Transitions...

Is your tile floor meeting up to another flooring type? We recommend using Schluter edge metal to protect the edge of your tile and to create a clean, definitive transition between the two floors.


A Tiled Heat Vent for a Flawless Floor

Bathroom floor with a tiled heat register in white tile.
This tile installer matched up the grout lines and tile grain for a flawless look.

Finishing details can make or break a floor. Why put your ugly metal vents back on the floor when they could match your new tile?


Our register vents come in a variety of sizes. Cut your tile to fit for a perfect match. 


See more examples and buy online here.

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