Remodeling a Kitchen

Getting a feel for what your dream kitchen should look like is the first step to remodeling. Should it be more traditional, or more modern? Are there any particular colors you want to use? Do you want the countertop to be the focal point, or is the backsplash the star?


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Kitchen Countertops

A granite kitchen countertop.
A solid surface Santa Cecilia granite countertop helps this kitchen incorporate traditional accents while maintaining a clean sophistication.

In a kitchen, cleanliness is key! When choosing a material for your countertop, make sure it will be easy to wipe down and clean up. Smooth and polished surfaces are preferred, as are high density materials that have low porosity: the fewer pores, the less chance of bacteria hiding in your countertops.


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Kitchen Backsplashes

Travertine backsplash with a mural
A Stone Impressions mural in this travertine backsplash creates a strong focal point above the cooktop.

A kitchen backsplash plays an important role in the overall look of your kitchen; the backsplash is where you can tie all of your colors together and create harmony between your cabinets, countertop, and paint. 


As with countertops, easy-to-clean materials are preferred; but due to the fact that it's a vertical surface, you have far more selection when choosing products for a backsplash.


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Kitchen Floors

Brown and white checkerboard pattern floor

Kitchen floors need to be easy to clean and durable enough for daily foot traffic. 


Visit our Kitchen Floor page for recommended materials and layout ideas.



Helpful Reading for Your Remodel

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