Swimming Salmon Tiles

Large Slate Salmon

One 6" long fish-shaped tile, waterjet cut from earthy Rustic Gold slate, appx. 3/8" thick. We currently only have left-swimming fish.


Since these tiles are cut from natural stone tiles, each one will have different and unique patterning; just like a real salmon!  

6" Slate Fish Tile, Swimming Left


  • 0.12 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Fish tiles can be installed in various tile applications: on floors, walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, in showers, and outside.


Slate is a porous natural stone; we recommend sealing with a penetrating stone sealer to protect from stains. Learn about cleaning and maintaining slate here.  

Rustic California Gold Slate Fish with an Enhancing Sealer

Use an enhancing sealer such as Miracle Seal & Enhance to intensify the color of your salmon tile. This sealer typically lasts up to 20 years. 


Seal & Enhance will not change the finish of your tile. The red slate has a matte finish and will remain matte after you seal it.


Strong or acidic cleaners will decrease the lifespan of your sealer and could damage your stone fish tiles. Learn more on our cleaner and sealer pages.


Fish Tile Installation Ideas & Examples

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