Borders & Listellos

Green crackled glass Sonoma Tantrumborder
This glass listello picks up the subtle green hues in the tile while adding a touch of elegance.

Borders and listellos are made of many materials, including natural stone, porcelain, ceramicmetal, and glass. They can add a subtle hint of pattern and color, or create a strong, definitive edge.

What's a "listello"?

Since so much of the tile and stone industry is based in and influenced by Italy, many Italian words have crept into the tile industry's vocabulary. "Listello" is the Italian word for a decorative border, and it specifically refers to patterned and prefabricated ceramic, stone, or metallic borders.  All listellos are borders, but not all borders are listellos: see below for an example of how to turn mosaics into borders!

Create your own border!

Grey, white, and metal mosaic set with black tiles.
This 3" border is one fourth of full mosaic sheet.

An easy way to create your own border or feature strip is to take a mesh-mounted mosaic and cut it into linear strips. This is a great way to widen your selection of decorative options.

Read our blog post about dividing mosaics into linear strips.


If you like the look of mosaics, but don't want an entire backsplash or shower wall covered in an elaborate and expensive glass and stone blend, this is an easy technique for incorporating mosaics without overwhelming your space.

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