Metal Tiles, Liners, Drops, & More

Decorative metallic liners
Cast resin liners with a metallic finish offer durable, elegant ways to integrate metals into your installation.

Metals can be clean and contemporary, or give your space an Old World feel. We carry several lines of metal products with various patinas, tones, images, and patterns. From simple 2" drops to liners to large medallions, a touch of metal adds a little something extra to your design.


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Are metallic tiles made of real metal?

Decorative bronze tiles with patterns
This line of drops is made of solid bronze.

Some are, and some aren't. Many of our metallic accents are actually a lightweight resin coated in a metallic finish, making them less expensive and more lightweight than their solid metal counterparts.


There are some porcelain tile lines that have a metallic glaze; these dense, durable tiles can be used in almost any application.


We do also carry several lines of real bronze, pewter, and aluminum tiles, liners, and mosaics. These heavy, authentic products are very durable.


All stainless steel mosaics and tiles are real stainless steel wrapped around a ceramic, concrete board, or cork backing (recommended backing type depends upon installation).

Where can I use metallic tiles?

Red metallic tiles on a wall
These metallic porcelain tiles are dramatic, durable, and easy to clean; they're perfect for showers, floors, or countertops.

Almost anywhere! Metallic tiles are often used in backsplashes or on floors as decorative drops or borders, but can also be incorporated into showers, wainscoting, or countertops. Antiqued finishes can create an Old World aesthetic, while sleek stainless steel, chrome, and nickel lend themselves well to modern designs.


Some metallic items aren't recommended for showers, tubs, or on backsplashes behind stoves (where there's usually a lot of steam) due to the fact that they'll react poorly to the moisture and erode or patina.


Ask our tile experts about specific metallic products to find out where they can and can't be installed. Set up a free in-store design appointment and we'll help you pick the perfect products for your space. 253-872-0449 or

Finish your project with Metal Edge Trim

Schluter edge profiles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Finish your tile projects with clean lines and edge trim that matches your faucets, hardware, and fixtures.


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Check out these metallic resin 2x2 dots in our online store! Durable enough for a floor or shower, decorative enough for a backsplash or fireplace surround.

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