Mosaics: Glass, Stone, or Metal Blends

A glass, marble, and mother-of-pearl mosaic blend.
A glass, marble, and mother-of-pearl mosaic blend.

Mosaics can be intricate, detailed, colorful, artsy, and beautiful. We have access to over 1,000 different mosaics, each with their own unique colors, patterns, and beauty.

Mosaics are made of stone, glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain, pebbles, or some combination thereof, and have a wide variety of patterns and colors. Many porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles even come with their own line of matching mosaics!

What, exactly, is a mosaic?

A beige and white glass and stone bubble mosaic
Glass and stone bubble mosaic

Within the tile industry, a mosaic is any collection of small tiles mounted on a mesh or sheet. They can form a pattern or just be a random blend of different elements. The usually one square foot sheets have interlocking edges for a seamless-looking final installation.

Where can I use mosaics?

A blue, brown, tan, and grey slate and glass mosaic
While slate is durable enough for a floor, this glass is not, so this glass and slate mosaic is for wall use only. Glass doesn't need to be sealed, but slate needs a sealer to protect it from stains, so you do have to seal this mosaic.

A mosaic is limited by its weakest component. For example, an all-porcelain mosaic is very durable can go almost anywhere, while a porcelain and glass mosaic is limited due to the fragility of the glass.


Visit the specific product pages of the materials in your mosaic to see where they can be used.


Glass mosaics are most commonly used on backsplashes and as borders and accents in showers. Porcelain mosaics are often used with their matching field tiles; for example, 12x12" tiles can be used on a shower wall while the matching 2x2" mosaics are used on the shower floor.

Make a custom mosaic!

When most people think of mosaics, they think of individual tiles assembled like puzzle pieces to create a larger image. This is an ancient art form that's still in practice today! 



Here are some pictures that Tile Lines' employee Elizabeth took on vacation in Cabo of the various mosaics she saw there:

You can create your own mosaics by breaking larger tiles into smaller pieces, or you can take pre-made mosaics and peel the pieces from the sheet to reassemble them. We recommend visiting our Clearance Corner to find some discounted tiles and mosaics to create your design.

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