Custom Murals

Tiny mural mosaic tiles with colorful designs

Murals add a unique touch to any space, and there are thousands of options available!

We have two sources for murals: Seattle artist Paul Lewing, and Stone Impressions, a California-based company.

Stone Impressions

Old Italian building above a vineyard
This photo was submitted, and StoneImpressions digitally altered it to look like a hand-painted mural.

Stone Impressions uses a specialized process to print digital images onto stone. You can choose an image from their extensive database or submit your own image to be printed on your choice of marble, travertine, or limestone field tiles.

Stone Impressions kitchen backsplash with mural and drops
Stone Impressions kitchen backsplash with mural and drops

"We want to thank you and staff members for helping us find the perfect tile mural for our kitchen  project. As you can see in the pictures the mural chosen was the perfect fit for us."

-Ted & Paige Weaver, Tile Lines Customers 

(Images used with permission)

Paul Lewing

With Paul Lewing, you are in constant contact with the artist as your mural is carefully hand-painted on smooth ceramic tiles to meet your specifications and aesthetics.

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