100% Recycled Granite Pavers

Looking to add color, pattern, and texture to your space? Want a product that will stand the test of time? Why not take a look at our granite pavers?

The strength of granite, the beauty of natural stone, and the benefits of a 100% recycled material...

Our line of granite pavers, flooring, and surrounds are suitable for any style and any environment!

Variety & Selection

These granite products come in a wide variety of patterns and sizes! Choose from light, dark, or mixed color blends, polished or matte finishes, and rough or smooth textures.   

With such high natural durability and variation, these 3cm thick pavers can go anwhere: on your patio, in your kitchen, on floors or walls, inside or outside.   

Stop by our store to look at some samples first hand, and ask us how to use them for specific applications.

100% Recycled Materials

All of these pavers are made from reclaimed granite.   

When old countertops are removed or waste is created during slab fabrication, the granite remnants are usually thrown away. These granite pieces are just as good as freshly quarried granite slabs, so why waste them? 

By keeping millions of pounds of waste material out of landfills, we can provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to similar quality interlocking cement pavers.

Consider these all-natural, beautiful options for your installation!

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