Bold Patterns for Beautiful Homes

Yellow, blue, red, white, and pale green patterned tile with circles and flower details.

"Encaustic" or "inlaid" tiles, with their bold, multicolor designs, have been around for over 700 years... and this look is making a striking comeback.


Porcelain and ceramic tiles designed to mimic patterning and colors of encaustic tiles are available for every aesthetic and color palette, while being a low maintenance option for floors, showers, kitchen backsplashes, or fireplace surrounds.


This is our ultimate idea book on how to use these stunning tiles to get the look you want.


Yes, we sell all of the tiles shown here! Schedule a complimentary in-store appointment with one of our designers to pick the perfect tiles for your next project.

Crazy Quilt Variety for Energized Design

Kitchen with white cabinets and countertops and a patterned, colorful tile backsplash

Some tiles come as a mix of different patterns for an energetic blend. You can also blend together individual designs to create your own unique look.

Bold Geometry for a Modern Aesthetic

Gorgeous geometric shapes and clean lines offer a strong, graphic look. Accentuate mid-century architecture and furniture or add some sharp design elements to a contemporary home.

Classic Feminine Flourishes for Soft Elegance

Curves, swirls, and classic floral elements add softness to these dramatic tiles. A little timeless, elegant detailing can add a lot to a space, while warm colors keep everything inviting.

Soft and Subtle Carpet Look

A more subdued design is the perfect choice for those who love the patterned look but are afraid it will be too busy. Add warmth and character without overwhelming the space.

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