Custom-Shaped Tiles: Salmon, Leaves, & More

Slate fish tiles
A blend of copper and silver slate fish tiles swimming in a pebble stream through a slate field.

Create a Custom Backsplash or Shower with our Tiles!

People always leave our Home Show booth singing the praises of our slate fish mosaic boards, and now your houseguests can leave your home with the same awe and amazement!

We use a water jet to cut various shapes out of tile and stone for use in mosaics, borders, or anywhere you like.

While we stock the fish and leaves daily, the sky's the limit for the custom options you can order. We can get pieces cut in any shape and from any material you like. Do you want slate elephants? Porcelain birds? Seashells cut from the same travertine you used on your floors? From green turtle tiles to the silhouette of Mt. Rainier, the possibilities are endless!

Add a Slate Fish Tile or a Porcelain Leaf Tile to Your Project!

Buy our Salmon Tiles Online!

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