Natural Stone - Tiles, Mosaics, and More!

Brown, Blue, and Tan Travertine Tile available in Kent, Renton, and Auburn
Philadelphia Travertine


An incredibly popular and timeless natural stone, we have travertine sinks, baseboards, and much more!

Limestone tiles for your home in Renton, Auburn, Bellevue, or Redmond
Massangis Limestone


A sophisticated stone populated with fossils, limestone is available in several sizes and mosaic options.

Gold and Translucent Onyx Tile is beautiful for bathrooms in Seattle, Redmond, or Bellevue
Honey Onyx

Marble & Onyx

Typically polished with heavy veining and a wide range of colors, marble and onyx are elegant, dramatic, and timeless.

Blue Metallic Granite Tile Stocked in Seattle
Blue Pearl Granite


Durable and colorful, granite is the preferred choice for countertops and can easily be used on walls, floors, or fireplaces.

Blue, Brown, Gold, and Green Slate Tile perfect for floors and fireplaces in Renton, Auburn, Des Moines, and Federal Way
Rustic Gold Slate

Slate & Quartzite

Rough and earthy, slate is renowned for its texture, color, and natural variation. A popular option for floors and fireplaces.

Natural Stone and Natural Variation

Natural stone is a product of nature and no two pieces look exactly alike. The sample you received five months ago may not represent the current batch. Even two pieces of a stone from the same quarry that are cut from the same block and packaged in the same box can look completely different!


  • We never recommend making tile- or stone-related purchases based upon an image on a computer screen. 
  • Ask to see a sample of the current batch to get a better idea of what the stone currently looks like: it could be more gold, more red, have more or less veining, and generally look different than the last batch.
  • If you are worried about consistency, ask us to recommend natural stone options with relatively low variation.


If you want more control over the look and consistency of your product, consider using a stone-looking porcelain instead. These man made products have come leaps and bounds in the past 20 years in regards to realism and printing technology, and are far more color consistant than natural stone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone

Do I have to seal natural stone?

If a stone is porous and installed in any area where it could be exposed to spills or moisture, it needs to be sealed.


Exception: Non-porous stones, such as soapstone, do not need to be sealed. Granite, marble, travertine, slate, and most other stones sold in our store are porous and do require sealing.


Exception: If you're installing natural stone on the face of an indoor fireplace or some other dry, no-traffic area, then sealing is purely optional. Sealing won't hurt the stone at all, but it will provide an extra layer of protection just in case someone spills something on the surface.

How hard is it to seal natural stone? How often should I reseal?

To learn more about selecting and applying a sealer, visit our Sealer Page.

How do I clean natural stone?

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