100% Real Wood: Engineered Wood Floors

We've expanded and diversified our selection of 100,000+ tile and stone products with a collection of real hardwood floors! These engineered planks are available in a wide variey of finishes, stains, colors, and textures. 


Stop by our showroom to see large samples of our wood options in person!


If you're looking for porcelain tiles that look like wood, visit our Porcelain Wood Tile page

Why Engineered Hardwood?

"Engineered hardwood flooring is made of 100% real wood with no HDF, laminate or other artificial materials. It consists of several cross-stacked strips of wood that are more stable and resistant to humidity and moisture changes than solid wood floors. Unlike solid wood, engineered hardwood doesn't shrink or expand due to temperature and humidity changes. It also allows for longer and wider planks; providing not only a more desirable look, but also resistance to the bending or bowing that can occur with longer solid planks." -UnitedPlank


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Wood Options

American Birch, Hickory, Maple, and authentic French Oak.



Each line is hand-scraped using a variety of tools for beautiful, natural-looking texture. 


Hand-brushed with a custom Valspar stain, the finish:

  • Won't yellow over time; stays beautiful longer
  • Has excellent hardness for superb protection; tough and durable
  • Has enhanced UV protection to delay sun-bleaching; extended lifespan
  • Is HAPS-free and produces no VOCsbetter for your health and the environment


Colors range from pale blonds (such as French Oak in Blanchie) to vibrant red tones (as seen in Birch in Skagit) to deep, dark browns (like Hickory in Stout Ale), and the custom finish enhances the depth and color of each wood, bringing out the natural veining and character of the wood.


The various wood types range from $5-$10/sqft and are sold in full box quantities.



All colors and styles are stocked in a Kent Valley warehouse for your convenience. 


Trim & Transistions

For the edge of your wood floor where you're meeting a different flooring type, we have a line of matching transition strips and edge trim to complete the look. Thresholds, stair edging, t-molding and more, all designed to match your wood flooring. 


Want to see samples of our wood collection in person?

Visit our showroom and see large swatches of each color option.