Cambria Quartz Countertops for Kitchen & Bath

Cambria quartz is one of our favorite quartz countertop lines! Cambria uses only the brightest, clearest quartz crystals for rich, pure colors. They are industry leaders in design innovation and technological advancements, and their dedication to production quality is second to none. It's the only quartz line that's all American-made and they offer a full lifetime warranty.

180+ Color Options

Solid colors, dramatic veining, or subtle marbling. Light or dark. Neutrals or bold colors. With over 180 designs, polished and matte finishes, you won't suffer from lack of options. 

Let's talk quality: How durable is Cambria?

Cambria has the most thorough and rigorous testing we've ever seen for any quartz product.

  • It has twice the breaking strength of granite, and three times that of marble. 
  • Zero water absorption. No bacteria hiding in your countertop.
  • Holds up to impact from dropped items. You may break a glass, but not your countertops.

NOTE: It's recommended that you DO NOT put hot pots directly on your quartz countertops, regardless of brand, to avoid causing damage via thermal shock. Read our article "Hot Pots on Countertops" to learn more. 

Cambria Matte: Superior Stain Resistance

We've had issues with the matte finishes of other quartz countertops: because of their surface texture, they're more susceptible to staining.


All of Cambria's designs are available in a elegant matte finish with stain resistance that matches that of the polished designs. 


Grease spots or oily fingerprints will show more on a matte finish than a polished finish, especially on darker or more solid colors, but they can easily be cleaned off with some mild dish soap and warm water.

How much does Cambria cost?

Kitchen with white walls, dark brown wood cabinets, and a white and brown quartz countertop.
Cambria Skara Brae as a kitchen countertop

Cambria quartz countertops can range from $109 to $145 per square foot installed, depending upon color and finish.


Several factors such as edge detail and type of sink will raise or lower the price. 



How to clean low-maintenance Cambria quartz

For most messes, warm water with some gentle dish soap is all you need to clean Cambria. Avoid any abrasive cleaners and bleach. 

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