Rent a Wet Saw or Tile Polisher!

We have the tools and the know-how to help you complete your installation. Tell us about your project, and we'll recommend the items that will help you out.


To reserve a rental or loaner tool, stop by our store or call us at 253-872-0449.

Wet Saws

Tile Saw

The vast majority of tile installations require cutting tile. If you plan on doing multiple tile projects in the near future, consider purchasing your own saw; you can usually find a used tile saw online at a decent price.


However, if this is your only project for awhile, we have saws for you to rent!

Saw Rental

$69/day, $99/weekend, $199/week (3-7 days)


Subject to the terms and conditions below.


Tile Polisher

If you need to fabricate your own bullnose for a natural stone or porcelain tile, we recommend renting one of our variable speed polishers. Simply affix the velcro-backed diamond grit sanding disks to the head of the polisher, do a dry polish, and create your perfect finished look.


Polisher Rental $24/day

Sanding disks sold separately, $1.25/ea, 60 grit - 1500 grit available


Subject to the terms and conditions below.

Mega OHMS Meter for DitraHeat

If you're installing a Ditra Heat in-floor heat system, you'll need to test the system with an OHMS meter twice times during installation. 


Mega OHMS meter rental fee: $25/heat system


Subject to the terms and conditions below.

Tile Cutter / The Score-and-Snap Tool

For little tiles in small projects where a full-sized wet saw is overkill, we recommend the score-and-snap tile cutter. Great for cutting glass for backsplashes or ceramic tiles for custom mosaics, this tool is easy to carry and use.



Terms and Conditions for Rental Tools and Loaner Tools

Rental fees will be paid before tools can be borrowed or rented. The customer renting or borrowing the tools must sign a Tile Lines rental tool agreement and provide Tile Lines with their valid driver's license and a valid credit card in their name. By signing our rental or loaner tool agreement, the customer is agreeing that, in the event that the tool or item in question is not returned in the agreed upon time frame, Tile Lines has permission to charge the credit card for the estimated value of the item as specified on the rental agreement form.