Custom Tile Projects

Tile Lines designer Lori created this festive tile Christmas tree with old samples of discontinued products.

We'd love to help you out with your art projects or custom designs!


Visit our in-store Clearance Corner for great deals on many miscellaneous tiles and mosaics.


Consider a custom mural.


Add a fish or bear tile to your installation.


Talk to one of our designers about your mosaic options.


Set up an in-store design appointment to discuss your unique project: call 253-872-0449 or email us.


Feature Walls & Wainscoting

Silver metallic tiles on a wall behind a colorful spread of sushi.

Any tile can be used on a wall, with some considerations for cleanability and design. We've got some tips for dazzling feature walls and practical wainscoting.


Visit our Wainscoting page for more information.


A metallic and glass tile mosaic creates a modern-looking fireplace surround.

The decorative focal point of a living room, fireplace surrounds can be flashy and bold, refined and elegant, or rustic and earthy.


Visit our Fireplace page for more specific tips on choosing materials for fireplace surrounds.

Outdoor Installation

Black and white porcelain tiles for an exterior walkway.


Installing tile or countertops outside presents special circumstances, especially if you live in a climate with snow and freezing temperatures.


Visit our Outdoor page for the rules on outside projects. 

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