Timeless Subway Tiles - Part 2: Color

Color can change moods and create energy, sooth or delight the senses, and enrich your design. 


Ceramic tiles are available in thousands of colors, from classic white to bright red and beyond.


Choose your tones carefully to get the desired effect.

Whether you choose the classic white 3x6" subway tile or opt for a large multi-color arrangement, subway tiles are a timeless choice for your kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace surround. 

The Classic: 3x6 White Glossy Offset Subway Tile

Bathroom with white pedestal sink, white octagon-and-dot mosaic tile floor, 3x6" white subway tile wainscoting topped with a white ceramic chair rail. The walls are painted with a yellow faux finish.

These mass-produced little ceramic tiles are what started lining the New York subway in the early 1900s, hence the name "subway tile".


The most traditional version of subway tile is:

  • 3x6"
  • White
  • Glossy
  • Set in a 50% offset brick pattern
  • No variation/texture

This is usually the least expensive version of ceramic subway tile, running appx. $3/sqft.


Low-maintenance, bright and clean-looking, these have been a standard of kitchen and bath design for the past century.


However, numerous variations on stylecolorfinishsize, and layout are now available to give you a multitude of ceramic tile options. Peruse our 5-part look book to find your perfect subway style!

Consider Color

Clean and Bright White

Bathroom wall is covered in white textured subway tiles, set vertically. The countertop is matte black with a white vessel sink, chrome faucet, and a white vase full of greenery. There is an oval mirror with a white frame above the sink.

It's a classic for a reason. White matches everything, and reflects a lot of light.


Consider dressing up your white tile with a non-white grout color, such as light gray, for contrast. Medium-tone grout colors will hide dirt, while really light or really dark grouts will show dirt.


Use caution when designing with white-on-white, as your whites may not match! Your subway tile may have more of a warm white, while your bathtub may be a cool white with a slight blue undertone. Your white paint might have a faint rosy tint that you only see next to your crisp white subway tile. Look at samples of your white tile with other white design elements in your lighting before making final decisions.


Warm and Soft Neutrals

Bathroom with walk-in curbless shower. The walls are tiled with light tan- and biscuit-colored tiles. There's a long white wall-mounted sink below a long oval mirror.

Off-white, cream, biscuit, warm gray, and other warm neutrals keep things bright and comforting without the harsh, sterile look of all white.


In an enclosed space with limited lighting, warm tones can combat a cave-like feeling.


Continue your warm tones into the grout. If you choose a contrasting color, match the  undertones in your tile.

Cool and Sophisticated Neutrals

Bathroom with pale blue-gray ceramic tile and white sink. A silver-framed mirror hangs on the wall behind the sink.

Cool tones feel fresh and clean and are a smart choice for a bathroom.


Complement your whites with grays, charcoals, and blues. A Carrara marble countertop looks great against blue-greys or cool tones with a hint green.


Bright accents, such as citrus yellows and oranges, look exquisite against cool neutrals.



Bold and Vibrant Color

Room with wood floors and walls with yellow, white, blue, and lime green ceramic tiles. Three lime green cube-shaped seats line the yellow wall.
A children's hospital is kept clean and cheery with brightly colored ceramic tiles.

Many ceramic lines offer dozens of bright, beautiful colors. 


While some prefer to keep tile neutral, if you love a certain color, why not embrace it?


Tile doesn't fade or discolor like paint or wallpaper could, so your vibrant colors will be brilliant forever.

Other Considerations...

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