Tools & Setting Materials

We stock all of the tools and supplies below; scroll through and see what you need for your next project!

First time installing tile? Get the Bucket Bundle!

A $130+ value for just $99 

Includes 3.5 gal bucket, 3 sponges , 1/2x1/2" notched trowel, 1/4x1/4" notched trowel, margin trowel, grout float, paddle mixer, bucket scoop, 1/8" spacers, rub stone, knee pads, gloves (either rubber latex or nitrile), safety glasses, and wax pencil.

To prepare the space...

Cement backer board

Install underlayments to provide a solid foundation for your tile

Water falling from a showerhead

Waterproof your shower or tub surround with Wedi, Schluter Kerdi, or some other waterproof barrier.

To set your tile, you'll need...

Wax pencil

A wax pencil to mark cuts and holes

Tile Saw

A tile saw to cut your tiles. We have several tile saws available to rent on a daily basis

60 grit rub stone

A rub stone to smooth cut edges and file away chips

Variable speed polisher

A variable-speed polisher to shape your own corners and create your own bullnoses (we rent polishers!)

Mapei Ultraflex LHT thinset for large and heavy tiles, in stock daily at our Kent Showroom

Thinset to adhere the tile to the underlayment. We stock several different grades of thinset for specific situations: setting porcelain tiles, setting on a wall, modified and unmodified thinsets, etc. Ask us which thinset is right for your project!


The correct trowel size and thinset can make or break your project.


Check out this article about proper mortar coverage.


A mixer: attach to a power drill for easy mixing of thinset

A Margin Trowel

A margin trowel for light mixing and to scoop out the thinset

1/4x1/4" Notched Trowel

A notched trowel to evenly spread thinset

1/16" Tile Spacers

Spacers to keep your tiles evenly spaced

Sealer's Choice Gold

Sealers to preseal your natural stone (sealing before grouting protects the stone from stains)

For installing GROUT, you’ll need…

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves to protect your hands

Grout Rout

A grout rout if you’re removing old grout

Margin Trowel

A margin trowel to mix and scoop out your grout

Rubber Grout Float

A pliable rubber grout float to spread the grout

Yellow grout sponge

Sponges to clean up the grout and to apply sealer

Sealer's Choice Gold
Doodlebug or White Scrubbie

A non-abrasive white scrub pad to remove any haze or grout residue

Grout Haze Clean-up from Aqua Mix

Cleaners to remove any grout haze

Caulking gun

A caulking gun for your color-matching caulk