Walls & Wainscoting

Glass and ceramic wainscoting
Glass and ceramic wainscoting

If you want a traditional look, why not benefit from the strong visual impact of wainscoting? Bringing tile onto your wall creates an architectural detail that can help solidify your design. 


Choose materials that complement your floor. For high impact, use a contrasting color. For a more subtle look, pick a similar material set in a different pattern: for example, a travertine set diagonally on the floor can be set in an offset brick pattern on the wall. Using long tiles or a linear pattern can lengthen a room, so take the pattern into careful consideration.

Since the tiles will be set on the wall, you don't have to be concerned about the wear that a floor would receive, the watertight nature of a shower stall, or the food residue that would hit a kitchen backsplash. Consider integrating delicate items such as glass or interesting mosaic pieces to add color, texture, or pattern.

The edge detail at the top is very important if you want your wainscoting to look finished and intentional. Think about using a chair rail, v-cap, or pencil liner to create a strong dividing line between the wainscoting and the rest of the wall. Add a mosaic, glass, or metal drops to dress it up.


Check out our ceramic tile ideabook for more ways to trim out your wainscoting.


Click through the images below for more examples of tile wainscoting.

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