Wedi Build-Your-Own Shower Kits

What's in a Wedi Shower Kit?

Every kit includes:

  • A waterproof shower pan that can be trimmed to fit smaller spaces
  • A drain assembly with stainless steel drain grate
  • A waterproof shower curb
  • A mixing valve seal
  • A showerhead pipe seal
  • 1/2x36x60" waterproof wall boards
  • Screws and washers for the wall boards
  • Wedi sealant for seams
  • A putty knife for the sealant

To install the Wedi system, we recommend the following additional items:

  • Thinset to adhere the pan and curb to the subfloor
  • 1/2x1/2" notched trowel for the thinset
  • Tools to cut Wedi board and, if necessary, the pan and curb: skill saw, box knife, and/or hacksaw. 
  • Power drill for the screws

Buy the Wedi shower kits online!

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