Bathroom shelves and storage solutions


Bathroom Shelves Solutions

Stand in the shower space, or sit in the tub. Stick your arm out. Put the shelf there, where you can comfortably reach it.

Some people like their supplies right by the shower head, so they can reach them without leaving the water. Others prefer the shelf to be out of the splash zone to prevent water and soap scum build up.

If you have people of different heights using the same space, you may need multiple storage options.

Where should I put my shower storage?

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How much storage do I need?

Take all of your bottles, soaps, and other shower accessories and line them up tallest to shortest. Decide what type of storage you want and then see what fits comfortably on it.

You may need to mix and match items: maybe a shower hook for your loofah, a recessed shelf for your bottles, and a basket for your bar of soap.

You may want a separate shelf for each family member, or one big shelf for everything.

Storage Solutions from Tileware Products

Three available finishes: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Plated brass, so the finish won’t flake off or patina over time.

Install at the same time as your tile; no poking holes through your waterproofing.
Bathroom shelves and storage solutions in Federal Way, WA from Tile Lines

Recessed Tileable Niches

Instead of cutting into your shower space, add room and storage by sinking a recessed niche in between your wall studs. Install these pre-made shelves at the same time as your waterproof wall boards. Cover them with your wall tile so they blend in, or a decorative tile to create a focal point.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about mispronouncing “recessed niche,” just call them “recessed shelves.” We’ll still know what you’re referring to.