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We stock all the basics and can help you get the right products for your project.

If you live outside the Puget Sound area, we recommend finding your local tile store for the best possible service and local selection.

First time installing tile? Get the Bucket Bundle!

A $130+ value for just $99.

Includes 3.5 gal bucket, 3 sponges , 1/2x1/2" notched trowel, 1/4x1/4" notched trowel, margin trowel, grout float, paddle mixer, bucket scoop, 3-in-1 spacers, rub stone, knee pads, gloves, safety glasses, and wax pencil.

In stock daily at Tile Lines in Kent.

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What do you need for your next tile project?



Spread the correct amount of thinset with the correct trowel size. We stock trowels ranging from 1/8x1/8” to 1/2x1/2” notches. The bigger the tile, the bigger the trowel.


We stock several different adhesives for different projects. Mapei Ultraflex LHT is our go to thinset mortar. Strong enough for large and heavy porcelain tiles, it can be used with tiles of any size and type.

Paddle Mixer

If you’re mixing a large quantity of thinset, a paddle mixer will make the job much easier.


Protect your hands! Thinset, tile dust, grout, cleaners, and sealers can all irritate your skin if it’s unprotected. We have pairs of sturdy rubber gloves starting at $2.99/pair.


We stock spacers for 1/16” to 1/4” grout lines, including our 3-in-1 spacers. With only a few exceptions, you’ll need grout, so get the right spacer size for your installation.


The Tuscan Seam Clips are a leveling system that pinch your tiles together for a perfectly even floor, wall, or countertop. Easy to use and an incredible time saver.

Knee Pads

If you’re installing any flooring material, protect your knees! Our cushioned knee pads come with replacement straps for future use.


Useful for cleaning up both grout and thinset, wiping dust off of surfaces before installing tile, and any general heavy duty cleaning.

White Scrubbies

Non-abrasive scrub pads that help remove residue from your tiles. Scrub without scratching!

Wax Pencil

Mark your tiles before you cut them with a wax pencil! A graphite pencil mark will float away on a wet saw, and a permanent marker could stain your tile. Wax pencil marks are waterproof and can buff off with a dry paper towel.

Tile Saw

Cut your tile! We rent our wet saws to local customers.

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes while using a tile saw or mixing powdery grout or thinset.

Rub Stone

Smooth out uneven or chipped edges with a rub stone. Use it to gently sand your cut tile edges for a cleaner installation.


Smooth out uneven edges or create your own bullnose edge. We rent our polisher to local customers.


Don’t let water damage destroy your home! It’s easier than ever to properly waterproof your shower, tub surround, or floors with our warranted waterproofing systems.


What’s under your tile is just as important as the tile itself! Instead of heavy cement board, use our easy to install mat. We stock a crack-isolation membrane that can waterproof your floor and reduce the risk of cracked or broken tiles.

Grout Floats

Spread your grout with a rubber grout float. We stock various sizes for different tile installations.

Caulking Gun

A standard caulking gun for a 10oz tube. If you need grout, you probably also need caulking! Also works with Wedi, Schluter Kerdi, and HydroBlok sealant.


If you have a porous grout or natural stone, you need to seal it to help protect against stains.


Off-the-shelf kitchen and bath cleaners can damage certain materials. Get the appropriate cleaner for your surfaces.