Wedi Waterproof Shower Systems

Wedi is a durable, German-made, lightweight, high-density, extruded polystyrene foam building material that has been used in Europe for over 30 years! This customizable, completely waterproof system is ideal for showers, spas, custom pools and hot tubs, outside benches, and more.


The Wedi components are sold separately so that you can choose materials specific to your installation. We'll help you calculate out exactly what you need for your project.


You won't need concrete wall boards or special setting materials for this system. Simply insure that your floor is level, set the shower pan with regular thinset mortar, screw the Wedi wall boards into place, and caulk every seam with the watertight sealant. The Wedi products are easy to cut and work with; you could have an entire shower surround installed and ready to tile in a few hours!

Foam? How durable is it really?

Check out this video about the Wedi manufacturing plant in Germany, where you can see engineers at work developing and testing Wedi products. See Wedi lit on fire and run over with a truck... it's really durable! A floating Wedi bench can support 300 lbs of weight, and a built in bench can support 600 lbs of weight.

What's the difference between Wedi and other foam building products?

How it's Waterproof

Other waterproofing systems rely on a waterproof coating. If you scratch or dent the coating, you have to reseal all damaged spots. Wedi's polystyrene core is completely waterproof, and it's concrete coating is just for tile to adhere to. Even if you scratch off the coating or cut 90% into the Wedi panels, they do not lose their watertight nature.


Wedi is rated for floor use in a commercial setting. That means that it's denser and stronger than other foam materials and can withstand as much weight as a standard cementboard or backerboard. Other lightweight foam building materials aren't as strong as Wedi.

If you can dream it, then you can create it!

Completely custom Wedi bathroom transformation.

Wedi has several lines of prefabricated shower stall walls, shower pans, benches, and more for completely custom, unique showers.


The amazing transformation shown here, from dilapidated bathroom to a completely custom spa-like retreat is made possible through the creative use of Wedi building panels. A floating countertop, walk-in shower, and tileable walls and tub-deck are all easy, durable, and made possible with Wedi.


Add some impact, whimsy, and imagination to your bathroom with the amazing options below!


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